Dr. Rich is an amateur singer/songwriter who started singing and playing guitar and piano because he thought (hoped!) it might help him pick up women.  He’s never had a music lesson in his life.  His song writing started as a private, creative exploration.  Read his origin stories to find out how his albums came to be recorded.



In 2010, I hadn’t written a song in more than 15 years.  Then my fiancé, Karen, gave me a beautiful Maton guitar for my birthday.  With my new guitar in my hands, and a new love in my life, I started strumming.  Out came My Greatest Wish – which I gave Karen for Christmas.  That song unleashed a flood of ideas.  I had rediscovered my joy of songwriting.

​Two years later, I sang another song, Only You with our 12-year-old daughter, Pippa, as I married Karen on the sun-kissed paradise of St Croix.  To celebrate, the next day, we recorded the song in a local studio.  Excited by the experience, Pip and I eventually took 12 songs into the studio, where Padraic Coursey and Steve Katz helped us to create…


At the time I was convinced this was a one-off, fun family project …


But then, as Pip’s voice developed, I decided she needed her own album!  So, with Pip’s input, I set about writing songs for her.  The end product …

          When It Rains


… was beyond anything either of us could have possibly achieved on our own. ​


Two tracks in particular stand out for me:


I’d started the title track, When It Rains, many years before, but never finished it.  Pip loved the melody, so together we finished the lyrics.  Padraic Coursey did a wonderful arrangement of it, and Steve Katz added a simply astonishing solo.

Run Away was produced by Greg Johnson and recorded in his studio in Santa Monica.  I’ll never forget watching Greg  and Pip collaborating over the backing vocals.  It was one of those magical creative moments, producing a result that to this day sends shivers down my spine.


Pip enjoyed working with Greg Johnson on the three songs from When It Rains.  This led to her recording these four additional songs the following year.


This recent album was just for me: entirely produced and arranged by Greg Johnson at his studio in Santa Monica.  Much of the song arrangement credit goes to Greg, who took my rough ideas and helped craft them into what they are now.  Thank you, Greg, for sharing your brilliance and showing me how to be a better song writer.

Again, two tracks in particular stand out for me:  

I really wasn’t sure Bullets was an actual song.  But when Greg started putting all the pieces together and sent me a demo track – I was stunned.  ​

New Shoes was very similar.  It started as a very simple idea.  Yet, once again, Greg saw its potential and gave it life.  Also, endless thanks to Steve Katz for saying: “That song could really use a driving guitar track,” and then improvising one so brilliantly.

Finally, please know, I’m just an amateur singer/song writer. If you like any of these songs, the bulk of the credit goes to the astonishing professional producers and musicians who were kind enough to work on them with me.

          If I achieved anything, it is truly because I was standing on the shoulders of giants.

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